Kayaking the Charles

We had a chance to escape our rooms in Winthrop and kayak the Charles River Basin. This let us take in the beautiful Boston skyline...

A Day at the Zoo!

A group of HSRUV Fellows took a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo and got to enjoy all of the animals while admiring the beautiful lanterns...

HSURV Book Club

Members of HSURV Book Club read Yuval Harari's Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow over the summer, discussing themes of the self,...

Black Widow Trip

A group of HSURVers rented a theater at AMC Boston Common 19 and enjoyed the newest Marvel release, Black Widow. The movie was filled...

Outdoor Water Event!

We had a ton of fun on the slip and slide and throwing around water balloons on a beautiful Saturday!


While reality television can be watched from anywhere, there is nothing that could recreate the experience of watching America’s favorite...

Arnold Arboretum

We went to the arboretum and had a blast!

Mount Auburn Cemetery Trip!

We visited the cemetery, and we enjoyed the excellent views of the Boston skyline from Washington Tower.

Chess Club!

Sunday night we had a fun chess club, complete with Insomnia cookies! We've been meeting every week on Sunday evenings to play chess and...

Card Night!

We had a blast bonding and socializing over an old fashioned game of cards at Card Night. With a full set of poker chips and plenty of...

Freedom Trail for Foodies Tour (Part 2!)

The Freedom Trail for Foodies Tour took HSURV fellows through the historic streets of Boston on the famous Freedom Trail. We learned...

A Trip Along the Freedom Trail

We had an amazing time walking through the history of Boston! And an even better time eating cornbread at the end :)

Creative Writing Club!

This summer, the HSURV Creative Writing Club has been meeting weekly over Zoom to workshop original pieces of creative writing in...

Strategy Games Night!

Thinking about something other than research—Catan, Monopoly, Dominion, Poker: board and card games galore!

Needle Felting + Friendship Bracelets!

With sharp, barbed needles and fluffy wool, we went all out stabbing wool into adorable animals and other things. Others legitimized...

Trip to the Gardner Museum!

We went to the Gardner Museum! Had photoshoots around the courtyard, marvelled at the artwork (even the empty frames), and enjoyed...

Spectacle Island!

We had a blast hiking + going to the beach (less so getting eaten alive by mosquitos)!